New: Computer Science MS Courses Now Available via Distance Education Worldwide

The Computer Science Department at Maharishi University of Management now also offers the courses of our Master's degree level Computer Science program by Distance Education (DE), making them available to anyone worldwide. These courses are a good way to update or broaden your knowledge of current and most up-to-date topics in computing.

Individual courses can be started at the beginning of any session--typically in July, November, and March. All courses combine multiple streams of information and instruction, including online videos of the CS classes, course web-sites and materials, discussion groups for each class, with faculty support through both online and email communications.

If you are just interested in taking one or two courses to upgrade or learn a particular area of computing or IT knowledge, or you are thinking of doing the whole degree (either by DE when available in the future, or by coming on campus) but want to try a course or two first, then you can apply below.

If you have any questions, please send email to

Information about Taking our Computer Science Courses:

  • It is possible to take 1-2 courses from our MS in Computer Science Program by Distance Education.
  • The cost per 4 unit course is $1800 which will need to be paid in advance. The cost per 2-unit course is $900. All courses are 4 units unless otherwise indicated.
  • An additional $200 ($100 for a 2-unit course) administrative fee is charged to anyone that resides outside the US.
  • Payment can be made below via Paypal or credit card. You can only sign up for one course at a time.
  • Six different courses are offered three times per year. The 4-unit courses take about 14 weeks to complete. There is a midterm and a final exam, as well as lab assignments throughout the course. Please see the course descriptions and offer dates shown below, and click on the one that you would like to register for.
  • These courses are from an accredited University and so may be transferred towards a full-time MUM on-campus degree or to other universities.
  • To sign up for one of these courses, please click below on the appropriate course and start date.
  • * Please note that you are responsible to determine if you have the required background knowledge in Computer Science to be successful at these courses. Generally a Bachelors in Computer Science (or related area), or strong programming work experience is a pre-requisite for these courses.

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    Current Offered Courses

    For course details and pre-requisites, hover over the course title. Those courses with an "x" under the date, means that the course is not offered during that time period.


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    Mar 13, 2017


    Fundamental Programming Practices


    Modern Programming Practices




    Operating Systems


    Computer Security


    Parallel Programming


    Big Data Analytics


    Advanced Software Development




    Web Application Architecture


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